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Mercy General Hospital Sacramento Medical Center Sutter General Hospital Methodist Hospital of Sacramento

1. Mercy General Hospital - Sacramento

· 603 reviews

4001 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819

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Mercy General Hospital: what do users think?

Crystal Garcia: The issues I had were no fault of the staff. The nurses were great, caring and had great bedside manors, both dr.s that treated me Tuesday and Thursday afternoon were great so was there team in the recovery rooms the transportation team was friendly. The hospital manager Cassandra was very sweet, the hospital Chaplin was great.. The nurse that stuck out the most was nurse Sia I just love her she was extremely kind and compassionate she also reminded me of the kindergarten teacher that all 3 of my kids had. Im happy to go home, but sad because I'm leaving this kind staffed hospital

vidyut khatri: We got our baby boy birth at this place on 10th may 2024It was an operation of my wifeI am short in words to express my gratitude , everything was really awesomeEvery one is so politeVery dedicatedAwesome facilityThanku so much dignity healthThanku so much mercy hospital

Holly Spalty: My experience on Wednesday the 3rd of May. Kathy, my best friend who is disabled had a sore and swollen foot. The Xray dept. Was superb. Emeila and Israel were the technicians. Never have I seen such gentle, loving care as they lifted her and placed her on the table to xray her. They were professional and tender. I would hire them in a heartbeat. They truly were the best!! Thankyou, Emelia and Israel!!

Howard Burke: Beautiful grounds, friendly atmosphere and great medical care.

Spliffany Magoossen: Got seen quickly everyone very nice. The 5 stars is for my lab assistant, Theresa H in the ER. I am a hard stick meaning it’s really hard for me to get blood drawn as I have very tiny and deep veins. I hate getting blood drawn because I usually have a few nurses all poking me everywhere trying to find a vein, it’s painful and very traumatic for me. Theresa tho, got it in one painless shot, I did not even feel it and she got all the blood she needed so easily and without causing me any discomfort. I cannot stress to you what a relief it was that I didn’t have to get poked and prodded over and over. Theresa H is amazing! If I have to get blood drawn again I really hope it’s with her

Alex Cholatee: Thank a lot , for safe my live

Jake Thompson: Everyone who works here was very helpful and friendly. Except the specialist they wrote on my discharge paperwork is retired and his office is closed. So I guess I'll just hope my broken bone heals okay on its own, since no one seems to be accepting new patients. Thanks for the excellent care while I was there, but dang, I wish I hadn't gotten screwed over on discharge. Actually, I wish someone would help me beyond telling me to "just Google a doctor." Yeah, okay. I'll just wait eight months to be seen, thanks a whole bunch.

Oleh Lyubimov-Hunko: Very good hospital , came here a number of times and they patched me right up. Also there’s an amazing nurse named Yuiry that works there.

Wesley Scott: Thank Dr. Adam for saving my friend Justin Kennedy life and providing care in Mercy General Hospital you are the awesome!!.By Wesley Scott

Alicia Villegas: Had my son on Saturday via induction.! I loved it everyone was so nice and very very supportive ! I would definitely love to go back if I had another baby ♥️Definitely recommend 😊

Johnathan Newton: drive past everyday... love it in my car

Cat Hilton: Andrew in pre op made my daughters surgery easy going in. Great staff professional, friendly and kind. MATHEW.. who could be anything he wants, saved us absolutely professional knowledgeable and calm under pressure one of the best RNs we have ever met. Can't thank him enough.

Mary Marino: The best hospital and the best care you'll ever receive.

SARA A: Specialized procedure done at Mercy by Kaiser Electrophysiology. Hospital care was excellent and compassionate. They worked seamlessly with Kaiser

2. Shriners Hospitals for Children — Northern California - Sacramento



· 155 reviews

2425 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817

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Shriners Hospitals for Children — Northern California: what do users think?

Monica Guzman: Physician Darwin you get a million stars. Thank you so much .

Sara B: What a wonderful place. They made us feel welcome and worked well with my son. He is always happy to see his dr here. Highly recommend.

Eunice Roa: Excellent, they helped my 2 daughters. God bless them always and take care of them. I'm from Tijuana.

Keyana Bryant: IT WAS DECENT.

CALVARIO SANTIAGO: Very good service by everyone in general. Thank you very much for your attention to my daughter Michelle. May God bless you 🙏

Maksim Chumychkin: Thank you so much for taking care of my son. I really appreciate! You are the best 🏻

3. Woodland Memorial Hospital - Sacramento

· 2 reviews

Sacramento, CA 95814

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4. Sacramento Medical Center - Sacramento

· 2 reviews

1650 Response Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815

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5. Hospital - Sacramento

· 1 reviews

3941 J St Ste 460, Sacramento, CA 95819


6. Sutter Medical Center | Anderson Lucchetti Women's & Children's Center - Sacramento

· 30 reviews

2825 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95816

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Sutter Medical Center | Anderson Lucchetti Women's & Children's Center: what do users think?

Yedid Ortiz Arango: Nice staff

Ruth Carrillo: Very happy with the doctor and very attentive, friendly nurses, good service especially with the nurse’s Sabrina, Michelle, Alison, Margie, Christy, Angel, Lesli... and a thousand thanks to Dr. Diperna, very grateful for the good care of my baby and me.

Lakers World: Amazing DRs Amazing Nurses they go far and beyond

Johnny Martinez: Very nice hospital. They treated us very well. We had 3 of our kids here. The staff is excellent. Their procedures are top notch and they always gave us private rooms. No need to share a room with crying babies. Easy parking garage. I would highly recommend this hospital to deliver your baby. Great views. Great doctors! Thank you!!

J E: Very sweet staff

Zero Ulvoc: Just got the time to write a review, 2 years ago I gave birth to my son and it wasn't an easy delivery but if not because of the staff and the great Dr. Zhang I don't know what could have happened that night. I would give this place a 10 if I could. I'm not going to write an entire story of what happened but I was very thankful to all the staff and the doctor at Sutter Womens and Children, I was given the best service beyond my expectations, I just felt special even though that time I was using a MediCal insurance, I did not felt like they discriminated that coz I know for sure other establishments does. Now we moved to Illinois but wanted to go back to California just if I would have a second child I want it at Sutter. Funny but that's what I feel. lol

Joanna Hernandez Rangel: i love this place my baby sister was born here premature and the nicu unit was soo cute with all the babys

Crystal Salas: I realized I never left a review but feel compelled to do so. My son, when he was 1month old was admitted to this hospital, which is an 1.5 hours away from home. The staff and doctors were truly very kind, compassionate and understanding of the anguish we were facing with our sick child. They were accommodating as possible to myself and his dad when we stayed with him that full week. My son got better and we were able to get home and he is a thriving 11 year old. I’m beyond thankful for the staff who cared over my child and made it possible to return home as a complete family.

Neicy W: Nicu nurses were GREAT however a few of the labor and delivery nurses were horrible and i mean HORRIBLE..

Betelihem Love: OMG I don’t have enough words to Thank RN Vivian she was an Angel sent from god 😭 she was so sweet ,motivator, Caring😭I am really crying my eyes out will I was writing this😭😭😭she deserves Award for what she did for me Thank you RN Vivian I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cheryl Kinch: My daughter had her first baby here, although she had a complicated delivery, the staff was amaizing! Very supportive, friendly and comforting. Thank you to all, doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, valet, security and the custodial staff. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.

christina khan: The cleanest most professional hospital employees are friendly and knowledgeable

Kirsta Garcia: Had my 4th child here recently. Nurses were beyond accommodating from triage, to labor & delivery, to post partum, everyone running tests, & the cleaning crew. Very helpful & they go above & beyond anything I have ever experienced. One of the cleaning crew ladies cracked me up! Only thing negative was the food. I was only asked what I wanted once. 2 of the meals were good. I highly recommend this hospital. Thank you for the great service.

Angela Campbell (KYLE'S LOVE): Thanks to them I was able to come home. I almost left twin girls without a mother but they made sure I pulled through.

Brandon Roots: Well, first I'd like to say I dreaded having to drive downtown and find parking, i thought the lots directly across from the hospitals would be full but they weren't, which is great. A bit narrow so drive carefully around the corners. On to the real good stuff, the facilities are clean and super artsy, i loved it. The wife had a csection here and everyone was great, from the staff that cleaned and security to the Rn's and doctors, the two RN's in particular i remember was Lynne and Lee, nice would be an understatement, they were phenomenal. Our stay went quick and though we said thank you, I figured a comment can be relayed back to them since a new hospital means nothing without caring staff and they exemplified this. May the Lord bless these ladies and gents who assisted us. Sutter is the best, hands down. Side note: patients remember to take care of the staff too, it goes both ways!

7. Behavioral Health Hospital - Sacramento

· 2 reviews

4250 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841

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8. California Area Indian Health Service - Sacramento

· 1 reviews

650 Capitol Mall #7-100, Sacramento, CA 95814

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9. Sutter General Hospital - Sacramento

· 58 reviews

2825 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95816

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Sutter General Hospital: what do users think?

Rachel Purse: It's still a hospital but it's staff is wonderful. The atmosphere isn't bad. I had to spend almost 3 weeks here in the high risk maternity wing. The nurses were so amazing. My daughter was born premature at 28 weeks and spent 63 days in the NICU. The staff caring for her did a spectacular job. They also made everything so much easier for us as the parents watching our new baby trying to get strong enough to come home. Thank you so much for the people willing to do this kind of work.

Leah Parkhurst: Nicest staff and doctors I've ever met. Very attentive. They listened to my medication needs and helped me stay comfortable. I had to go for brain surgery for reference and had a two night hospital stay. I wish I could thank all of the nurses individually, but sadly I don't know all their names. I remember Nami, Rami, and RG. Also thank you so much to Dr. Circillo who is the kindest surgeon I will ever meet. The room itself was comfortable. The staff popped in often to make sure I didn't need anything and were very patient with each part of my day. Also, my nurse in the ICU was incredibly nice. So sorry I can't remember name. I recommend going here if you can for surgery. You'll be in good hands!

Gwendalyn Tunnell: Always helpful and friendly

Mariya K: My mom is in CCU and receiving great care. Highly recommend Sutter Hospital.

Victoria Staeps: I had to Bring a Friend here to be seen...! While being here, The Staff was WONDERFUL 😊 with the Clients of ALL Nationality, Race, Gender, and ages...! The Staff Here act & Treat people here Fairly...!THANK YOU TO ALL of The STAFF Here...!!Even the Security Guard Staff HELPED OUT and was acting Very PLEASENT & PROFESSIONAL ...!!

Raymond .SR. Weber. (Bossmo #1): They care about their patience

Sarah P: with no luck who basically dismissed my concerns. We were sent here by a neurologist, and the pediatrics emergency department ran all the necessary tests plus some to help determine what was going on with him. Once it was figured out, it was determined he needed surgery. They admitted him and the level of care he received was top notch. His surgery went well and everyone that cared for him throughout his stay was so kind to him and I both. I sure hope we don't need to return again, but should I have another emergency with my children's health, this is the hospital we will come to. Thank you for everything!

P.J. Quirino: Despite the situations that have occurred this hospital treated me more fairly and with more respect on being with my fiance and close to her while she was in agony. This hospital allowed me to be near her in the ICU and close to her as her fiance. This hospital Sutter health, did a far better job in helping my fiance with her condition despite the fact that she passed away from medical issues, this hospital did a far better job in helping her then Mercy General off of J Street in Sacramento California, which that hospital emergency room staff and security staff did a very terrible job and did not care about my fiance's pain or agony and did not get anybody else out there immediately to help her while she was at Mercy General hospital! Sutter Health hospital was far better in treating my fiance despite the situation of what she was in just right the fact that she passed away at Sutter Health! Mercy General did absolutely nothing whatsoever to really help my fiance except give her a pain pill and send her on her way which is nuts on Mercy generals end in Sacramento California of J Street!!!Months before my fiance died the Mercy General hospital in Sacramento California off J Street were horribly Satanic in their attitudes especially with their a hole authority security system guards and their Iranian Pakistan security guard and emergency staff, who did not allow me to be close to my fiancee while she suffered from heavy agony and the Mercy General hospital in Sacramento California off J Street did a very bad job.Sutter Health did better despite the problems that have occurred because they let me be with my girl before she died. They were more helpful and kind to me than Mercy General hospital.Sutter Health knows how to give a damn about their patients and the patients family and friends unlike Mercy General hospital off J Street in Sacramento California.

Doris Dunlap: I was hospitalized Sept 19-21on the 6th floor after surgery. It was my first time at any Sutter Hospital and it was a great experience, under the circumstances. Everyone that was involved in my care was amazing! I was hospitalized for 6 days at another hospital in Sacramento County 2 years ago, not affiliated with Sutter and I noticed many differences, even the food was great at Sutter. I also had Sutter Home Care in September and October with visiting RNs and Physical Therapists. The Home Care providers were all amazing and Megan Bentley was my main Physical Therapist. I appreciate everyone who gave me such excellent care. Thank you.

jana cira: The. Most professional and compassionate group of Drs and nurses I have ever experienced

10. Methodist Hospital of Sacramento - Sacramento

· 358 reviews

7500 Hospital Dr, Sacramento, CA 95823

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