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1. Photo Source - Sacramento

路 72 reviews

6346 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819

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Photo Source: what do users think?

Elise Pacifico: This place does miracles for my film photos. Thank you guys !

Garrick Wong: If you are in town for a local stop for cameras or film, then this is the spot. There are friendly staff, lots of vintage cameras, and film related gear.

Bruce Vue: This place us amazing! I come here to get film scanned which they will email to you. The people here are kind and passionate as well as helpful. I hope this place stays forever.

Lawrence Naidu: My favorite place to rent lens from. Great and friendly set of staff members.

D'ari Abercrombie (Dee): I come here to get my camera gear and print my photos.Great group of passionate people that are always willing to help. The inside is filled with cool camera gear. The prices are beyond reasonable. Keep places like these alive.

Lauren Chang: Great store with good selection and friendly, knowledgable service.

Jakob Regenfelder: Great customer service! I was bringing my B&W film which they would not develop on their own. But a very friendly employee helped me developing it on my own - which was the first time for me- and was very patient and supportive. I definitely come back again! Thanks!

Egon Schiele: . They have a darkroom you can rent. A darkroom!!! My Hasselblad was jammed and they were able to fix it right there, in the shop. Masterful. Plus, they have the best prices around. There is no choice. Go here for your photographic needs!

Rev. Max Soucia: Lorenzo is knowledgeable about many older cameras and has enough lenses, cameras, and accessories to keep any film enthusiast happy for a long time.

John Breedlove: It鈥檚 a great place for folks wanting to shoot film. Digital as well. My favorite thing is having access to a well equipped darkroom to process film and make prints.

Rene Ramirez: You will always find a great deal here

Joe Trammel: Sorry for this long overdue review. Always a treat! I absolutely love this store. The guy I talked to loved bikes. Little background I work in the bike industry. It was so awesome to share passions with likeminded people, Bikes and cameras. If you haven鈥檛 rode your bike into nature and took some photos I strongly recommend. They keep stock of all of the Ilford 120 I love shooting with! If I could give more stars I would! Good prices on cameras and film, all the pricing seems on par with eBay if not slightly cheaper. I have not tried their dark room yet, but the fact that one exists is simply amazing. Thank you for everything you are your team does. 100% will be back.P.s. they have some pack film there and reasonably priced!

Alec Smith: Always come here for my film photography needs 馃

Carin Geto: I picked up my photos/video and came home to watch right away. They did any amazing job, the quality is amazing! As soon as got done looking over everything, I came to give a review. Everyone there is unbelievably nice and knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back and you should too!

Trinette Pierce: They did an Excellent job on my digital prints & their customer service was great! Great hidden jewel!

2. Walmart Photo Center - Sacramento



路 7 reviews

3661 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834

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3. Walmart Photo Center - West Sacramento

路 4 reviews

755 Riverpoint Ct, West Sacramento, CA 95605

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